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What is VirtualBox? and how to install it in Ubuntu.

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ยทOct 19, 2022ยท

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why VirtualBox
  • Installation
  • Conclusion

Hey there!
This blog walks you through explaining what the heck is virtualbox and how we can install it in our system.
Also feel free to jump to the sections if you're looking for anything specific.


If you're unaware of Virtual Machines then you probably need a bit information on that. Basically a virtual machine is like, computer inside a computer, in simple terms. You may wonder how? It's simple, even though you physically have one computer/laptop we're dividing the resources like CPU, memory(RAM), storage, etc, virtually aka internally using some software. Just like even though we have a single hard disk physically in our laptops, we partition it logically to local disk C, D E, etc.

And this VirtualBox is that software that handles the segmenting part of system resources CPU, Memory, Storage, etc,.
If need more info on that you can check this blog by Red Hat

Why VirtualBox

If you browser internet you'll find a bunch of software that does this job. But VIrtualBox is best suited for personal projects, easy to setup and on top of everything it's open source so free to use most of its features.
Know more about VirtualBox


The part we all are waiting for, to witness the miracle work of virtualisation. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜…. This blog specifically focuses on installing VirtualBox in Ubuntu OS.

  1. Open up your terminal Ctrl+Alt+t

  2. Type following two commands one after another as shown in below screenshot
    sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
    sudo apt update sc1.png

  3. Now type sudo apt install virtualbox. This command takes a while to complete as it's installing all the required packages. sc2.png

That's it. VirtualBox is installed in our system.

Optional Step

If you need some additional features like connecting usb drive to virtual machine(VM) and also to access our system webcam in VM, you can run the following command to install the extension package.

sudo apt install virtualbox-ext-pack It will show something like this, scroll all the way to bottom, and press left or right arrows on keyboard to select Ok on the page and press enter.


Later this below page will be shown, select yes, press enter.



That is all about VirtualBox. I'll also write the next blog on how to create a VM like Ubuntu using this virtualbox. Till then, peace out!

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